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J&J Electrical Contractors is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are considered for employment and promotion without regard to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender history, marital status, family status and responsibility or political and religious conviction.

Interview and selection process
The panel will include one member of the team who works in the relevant area. The selection of candidates for positions and salaries in J&J Electrical Contractors is determined by skills, knowledge, experience and the personal qualities that best match the job requirements, the J&J Electrical Contractors Vision, Mission, Values and our Strategic Direction. The selection panel will assess your ability to do the job through interview questions and referee checks.

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Criminal records check

Any recorded details on your criminal records check do not necessarily disqualify you from selection. You will be given the opportunity to discuss the matter before any final decision is made.

Required Tool
Any applicant must have the necessary tools and equipment to carry out the work of the position they are applying for:

  • -0-1 Years experience: Phillips screwdriver, flatscrewdriver,wire-strippers, knife, level, metric tape, pliers set(diagonal cutters, linesman, needle Nose, channel locks), complete pouch, Impact drill, rotosplit, voltage tester non contact.
  • -1-3Years experience: All of the above and also:½-1” Pipe reamer, Reciprocating saw (a.k.a saw-saw), rotary hammer drill.
  • -3-10Years experience: All of the above and also:Hole Saw½-1”, Portable Band saw(small) 2”, meter tester.

Trial Period

In the event that your application is successful, the applicant will be subject to a 10-day trial period whit salary in which it will be determined whether the applicant is suitable to perform the tasks of his or her job or, on the contrary, the employment relationship is terminated.

Termination of employment relationship
J&J Electrical Contractors reserves the right to terminate this employment relationship at any time, in the event that the worker does not comply with the work obligations.

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